Introducing Edison 2.0

Forgiving. Accurate. Versatile. Better.

What Better Means

Better. Isn’t that what you want from every golf club purchase?

In your wedges, that means more consistent distance, more forgiveness of your slight mis-hits, a versatile sole that can handle any lie or swing type, and improved spin. But we’re betting your past wedge purchases haven’t really delivered those things at all.

The EDISON 2.0 wedges continue our mission to shake up the status quo in the category by delivering unmatched forgiveness without sacrificing one bit of shotmaking precision or versatility. Regardless of your skill level, the EDISON 2.0 wedges will improve your wedge play and put you closer to the hole more often. 

The EDISON 2.0 wedges don’t look like any other wedges because they were designed from the ground up for the way you play the game (and not by catering to tour professionals). Revolutionary weight distribution and the proven (for thirty years) Koehler Sole combine to make them simply “better” than any wedges you’ve ever played.

The original EDISON FORGED wedges won the praise of thousands of golfers. The new EDISON 2.0 wedges raise the bar for wedge performance even higher.

We guarantee it.

They Look Different So They Can Play Better

Better performance always comes in a different-looking package. Remember the original metal woods? The Ping® Anser®…. Big Bertha®… Hybrids. The fact is that revolution always looks different.

The distinctive EDISON 2.0 design delivers the most efficient distribution of mass of any wedges ever, so you get more consistent distance control and more forgiveness without compromising precision, feel, or versatility.

The EDISON 2.0 technologies strategically distribute mass behind the entire face of the wedge, as opposed to having almost all the mass at the bottom like other wedges. This unique design puts more “oomph” behind your best shots and up to 42% more mass directly behind those shots hit toward the toe or a bit high in the face. That’s how EDISON FORGED 2.0 wedges deliver the distance control you seek and the forgiveness you need.

The EDISON 2.0 wedges are pinpoint accurate on your best shots, but they also make your not-so-good shots finish closer to the pin.

More Mass In The Right Place

If you’ve been playing golf for any amount of time, you know that wedge shots hit a bit high on the face or off the toe just don't go anywhere and have anemic spin. But you probably didn’t know those huge losses are actually built into all mainstream wedges, even those that claim to be “game-improvement” design.

Think of a simple hammer. It drives nails very efficiently. But if you turn that same hammer on its side and strike the nail with the section of the hammer that is thin – where the handle goes into the head – it loses a vast majority of the efficiency.  Why?  

It’s the same hammer, the same weight of head, and the same acceleration . . . but the mass is not directly behind the point of impact, rather it is on either side of the point of impact. So, the smash factor is compromised.

This is why Edison 2.0 Wedges place 42% more mass directly behind the ball. With our wedges, the shots you hit toward the toe or a bit high in the face are going to fly more like your best strikes.

It Really Is Your Wedge's Fault

Elite tour professionals are great at hitting almost every wedge shot dead center-face and between the 2nd and 5th grooves, creating a visible wear pattern about the size of a penny.  That’s because they’ve learned that this is the only way to get optimum performance out of conventional wedges. 

But even these skilled players are victimized by slight misses. That’s why you see them come up short by 50 feet or more all too often.

But we’ll bet a close look at your own wedges likely reveals an impact pattern centered a few grooves higher and closer to the size of a half dollar… or even larger. That’s why your distance control with your wedges has always proved so challenging. With so little mass in the upper part of the clubhead, wedges from the major brands have never been designed to forgive those reasonable mis-hits.

At Edison Golf, we found that completely unacceptable.

Instead of catering to the needs of tour pros, the EDISON 2.0 wedges were engineered around a multi-year study of your probable impact pattern, and that’s why they have the most efficient distribution of clubhead mass in the category. With EDISON 2.0 wedges you can miss the sweet spot by up to ¾ of an inch and still get OK results.

Don’t get us wrong. EDISON 2.0 wedges are for serious golfers. But because they have up to 42% more mass directly behind your not-so-good shots, they can do things other wedges can’t.

Very simply, and by design, the EDISON 2.0 wedges deliver unmatched distance control and forgiveness for any level golfer – with added spin and more penetrating trajectories a likely bonus.

This new finish is more water repellent than the original, meaning wet conditions won’t rob your shots of spin.

-- Matt Saternus, PluggedIn Golf

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The Most Versatile Sole In The Category

There is not a golfer in the world who knows what their next wedge lie will look like… and very few take the same size divot every time. So how in the world can anyone claim to fit bounce to two things that are constantly changing?

The new EDISON 2.0 wedges feature our patented Koehler Sole, a unique design which has been proven for over 30 years with thousands of golfers to handle every shot you might face. Instead of making you compromise to a specialized bounce and grind, this innovative sole design blends a high bounce angle in the front of the sole with a low bounce angle on the rear portion to give you unmatched shotmaking versatility.

If your swing is steep or you have a soft or fluffy lie, your EDISON 2.0 wedge will perform like a high-bounce sole. If your swing is shallow or you have a challenging tighter lie, your EDISON 2.0 wedge can handle that just as well. You’ll never have to worry about playing the wrong bounce or grind ever again.

By design, it’s simply the most versatile sole ever put on a wedge.


Try Edison Wedges 100% Risk Free

The only way to truly test a wedge is to spend time with it. Not just a few shots on the range or in a hitting bay, but under actual playing conditions. Do that with an EDISON 2.0 wedge, and you’ll be hooked.

Let us build you one to take to your course for a few rounds to see how it handles all the different kinds of shots you face from day to day? If after a few actual rounds you’re not convinced the EDISON 2.0 wedge is better for your game, we'll buy it back.



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