The Edison Forged wedges were inspired by a simple fact that most in the industry will not admit -- your 'tour design' wedges are the most unforgiving clubs in your bag.  As an accomplished wedge designer, Terry Koehler believes it is time for you to know that. 

      "Robotic testing proves that traditional 'tour design' wedges are much less forgiving than even tour blade irons.  That's because the smash factor changes by 15-20% or more as impact moves just a half inch from the sweet spot.  So, those shots hit out on the toe or high in the face that don't go anywhere? . . . they're not your fault."     


A scientific look at wedge performance.

   To understand how any golf club really works, you have to examine "smash factor".  Very simply, this is the measure of the efficiency of transfer of clubhead speed to ball speed.  And your wedges are much more finicky about where you make contact on the face than any other clubs in your bag. 

    A conventional 'tour design' wedge delivers a smash factor of 1.17-1.18 on a preferred lower-face impact (A), but making impact just 5/8-3/4" higher on the face or toward the toe (B) reduces smash factor to as low as 0.92-0.98 . . . and robotic testing proves that can cost you up to 52 feet of distance on your barely-missed approach shot.  

     There's nothing you can do about that.  The impact inefficiency is built into every 'tour design' wedge, regardless of brand.

     So you see, the fact is that many of your wedge frustrations are not your fault.  

 A revolutionary redistribution of mass.  

     The Edison Forged “fix” starts by casting aside the traditional 'tour design' shaping that defines nearly every wedge on the market today . . .  and has for the past 50+ years

     What we have done is distribute the mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead -- both top-to-bottom and heel-to-toe -- in order to deliver more efficient impact on those shots missed high on the face or toward the toe. 

     A low-face impact (A) is about the same, delivering a smash factor of 1.17-1.18.  But it's not your best shots that are the problem, is it? Where the Edison Forged wedge wins big is by maintaining a smash factor of 1.05-1.08 on those higher face (B) and toe misses, so your ball ends up to 31 feet closer to the flag.

     Even make them even better, we added just the right amount of perimeter weighting to finish it off.  We invite you to dive a bit deeper into this innovative departure from traditional 'tour design' wedges -- take a look "under the hood." 

        Independent robotic testing proves the Edison Forged wedges give you more penetrating trajectories and more distance out of your mishits, particularly those high-face impacts that cost you strokes.

The most versatile sole ever designed. 

   How can others claim to "fit" wedges to turf conditions and swing paths . . . when both of those things are constantly changing from round to round, even shot to shot?  We think the better idea is to give you a sole design that can handle any lie and any swing path. 

     The Edison Forged wedges feature the most recent iteration of the patented "Koehler sole", which has been earning a loyal following for nearly 30 years.  The main rear portion of the sole has a low bounce so it can handle tight lies, firm turf and shallow swing paths.  But the leading portion of the sole has a high bounce so that same wedge can handle softer lies and steeper swings.

      Very simply, it takes all that confusion and worry about bounce and throws it right out the window. 

Spin like you can’t believe.

     With regard to groove geometries and face treatment, no one does it better.  First, we fly-cut the face to perfect flatness, then we CNC-mill progressive grooves -- width, depth, spacing and wall angle are all optimized for each range of lofts.  On the higher lofts, we imply our unique "X pattern" between the grooves to give you even more spin on those short shots around the green.

       But what the other wedge companies won't tell you is that the major contributor to spin is the clubhead design itself.  Driver designers have been moving mass ever lower to raise launch angle and reduce spin.  Well, isn't that ultra-low concentration of mass exactly what your 'tour design' wedges have? 

   The fact is that excessively high launch and your difficulty of getting more spin are a result.  And the Edison Forged wedges fix all that. 


Durability that wins.

    One leading brand is claiming that your wedges could be "worn out" after as few as 50 rounds of golf.  To help make your wedge investment last longer, we developed our own Durable Chrome plating that is twice as thick as what others use.  That costs a bit more, but it extends the effective life of your wedges significantly.

 The right shaft . . . the right flex . . . and custom-crafted for you.

         Despite the recognized value of custom fitting, the vast majority of wedges are still purchased off the retail racks.  Those store displays are filled with hundreds of wedges . . . with one heavy stiff steel shaft for everyone . . . that fits practically no one. 

         EDISON Golf believes your wedges must insure a “seamless transition” in feel and performance to your irons.  That’s why we custom-craft every set of wedges specifically for the golfer that is going to play them.  We have selected three premium shafts as our standard offering – KBS Tour 120 S and Tour 110 R for those who prefer the feel and performance of steel, and the KBS Tour Graphite 80 in Stiff, Regular and 'A' flexes.  We complement these shafts with the Lamkin Crossline grip in both standard and mid-size.

      But if you have a preference for some other shaft or grips you like, just let us know -- we want to build your Edison Forged wedges just the way you want them.

        We believe that doing things in this uncompromised manner is the only way to be serious about making the finest wedges in the game.

Cost vs. Value.

      Yes, the Edison Forged wedges cost a bit more than the mass-produced cast wedges that fill the retail displays.  (But they're about the same price as those companies' stock forged irons.)  Did you know that if you ordered the top selling cast wedge with our shaft and our grip, custom built to your specs, you would be paying over $200?

     And you still won't get this remarkable performance.