Why should your wedges be the least forgiving clubs in your bag?

As a wedge designer, Terry Koehler believes it is time for that to change. 

 "Robotic testing has continuously proven to me that 'tour design' wedges are the most unforgiving clubs in our bags, because they exhibit a smash factor that changes by 15-20% or more as impact moves just a half inch from the sweet spot.  That's why those shots hit high in the face don't go anywhere, costing you strokes." 

   "If you are one of the majority of recreational golfers who want more spin, who miss your wedge shots short much more often than not, and who are looking for more consistent distance control, regardless of where you make impact . . . the new EDISON FORGED wedges do it better than any wedges ever."

A revolutionary distribution of mass.

     The “fix” starts by casting aside the traditional design of wedges, which puts the majority of mass very low in the clubhead, and leaves very little "meat" behind the upper 2/3 of the face (which is where recreational golfers make contact most often).  That works OK for tour professionals, who practice thousands of hours a year with their wedges.  But it doesn't work for the rest of us.

     The EDISON FORGED wedges look very different because we have completely re-arranged the mass around the back of the clubhead to dramatically raise the bar for wedge performance in every category. 

     They have been proven by independent robotic testing to give you more penetrating trajectories (2-4 degrees lower than 'tour design' wedges), up to 50% more spin because of improved gear effect and more distance out of your mishits, particularly those high-face impacts that cost us strokes. See the data.

More accurate, more forgiving.

      Robotic testing also proves the EDISON FORGED wedges deliver the most consistent “smash factor” across the face of any wedges made, which is why they shrink your shot-to-shot dispersion pattern by over 58% against the top “tour design” wedges and even 37% smaller that what is touted to be a “game improvement” wedge.  That means your mishits will be up to 31 feet closer to the hole.  

       You’ll immediately see more penetrating trajectories and much better results from all your mishits – you’ll still feel where on the face the ball was struck, but your spin and distance will be much more like a perfect shot.

Spin like you can’t believe.

       In the area of groove geometries and face treatment, the EDISON FORGED wedges take a back seat to no others.  First, we fly-cut the face to perfect flatness, then we CNC-mill progressive grooves -- width, depth, spacing and wall angle are all optimized for each range of lofts.  Finally, we imply our unique "X pattern" between the grooves to push the USGA limits of what we can do.

         But the real spin story is in the clubhead design itself.  We've seen driver technologies move the concentration of mass lower to raise launch angle and reduce spin.  Well, that ultra-low concentration of mass is exactly what your conventional wedges have – so excessively high launch is built in, and your difficulty of getting optimized spin is built in as well.  

         The EDISON FORGED wedges fix all that. You should really study this data.

The most versatile sole ever designed.

     We just don't believe you can precisely "fit" wedges to turf conditions and swing paths because both of those things are constantly changing from round to round, even shot to shot.  What you need is a sole design that can handle any lie and any swing path. 
     The EDISON FORGED wedges feature the most recent iteration of the proven "Koehler sole", which has been earning a loyal following for nearly 30 years.  The main rear portion of the sole has a low bounce so it can handle tight lies, firm turf and shallow swing paths.  But the leading portion of the sole has a high bounce so that same wedge can handle softer lies and steeper swings.  

      Very simply, it takes all that confusion and worry about bounce and throws it right out the window.

Durability that wins.

    One leading brand is claiming that your wedges could be "worn out" after as few as 50 rounds of golf, so we developed our own Durable Chrome plating that is twice as thick as what others use.  That costs a bit more, but it extends the effective life of your wedges significantly.

 The right shaft . . . the right flex . . . and custom-crafted for you.

         Despite the recognized value of custom fitting, the vast majority of wedges are still purchased off the retail racks.  Those store displays are filled with hundreds of wedges . . . with one heavy stiff steel shaft for everyone . . . that fits practically no one. 

         EDISON Golf believes your wedges must insure a “seamless transition” in feel and performance to your irons.  That’s why we'll be custom-crafting every set of wedges specifically for the golfer that is going to play them.  We have selected four premium shafts for these Limited Edition sets – KBS Tour 120, KBS Tour 105 and KBS Tour 90 in steel, and the KBS Tour 80 and Tour 60 Graphite.  Any of these five shafts can be ordered in Regular, Stiff or 'A' Flex (Tour 60 Graphite only) to blend perfectly to whatever shafts are in your irons.  And we complement that shaft with the GolfPride MCC +4 grip, which has quickly become the most popular grip in golf.

        We believe that doing things in this uncompromised manner is the only way to be serious about making the finest wedges in the game.