Learn About Our Risk Free Custom Demo Offer

Risk Free Custom Demos

     Because we know just how far advanced the Edison Forged wedges are over any other wedges you've ever played . . . or can buy . . . only Edison Golf will custom-build your own 'demo' set, with your lofts, shafts and length/lie specifications. Put them to the test on your course, hitting the shots you face every round.  We believe that's the only way to evaluate whether any wedges will meet your needs. 

     How can we do what no other premium golf company would dare?    

     Because we have extensively measured the new Edison Forged wedges against the competition in both independent robotic testing and live golfer reviews, that's how.  We have seen the data and are confident that they will make a remarkable difference in your short range scoring performance, regardless of your skill level.  

     How much more Risk Free can we make it for you?  Just put your new Edison Forged wedges in the bag and play them for up to 30 days.  If you don't agree they are the best you've ever played, simply call us and tell us.  We'll either make them right, or take them back and go buy you any other wedges on the market you think you would like better.  We'll even send you the change.

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