The Industry's Best Performance Guarantee!

     You can't evaluate a wedge with a range session.  And certainly not on an indoor hitting mat and simulator. Some generic one-size-fits-all demo? Not a chance.

     We believe the only way to adequately evaluate any new wedge is to get it built to your specifications -- the right loft and shaft -- and put it to the test on your course, hitting the shots you face every round.  So, we'll let you do just that.

     If you are ready to revolutionize your wedge game, let us custom-build your first Edison Forged wedge -- your choice of 10 lofts, five shaft options and two grip options, even your custom specs for length and lie.  Then put it in your bag for a few rounds.  Long enough to see improvement in your scoring range performance.   We are confident you will experience better trajectories . . . more spin . . . and most importantly, you'll find yourself "getting away with" shots that aren't quite your best.  Then you'll likely want to fill in the whole set.

     But if you don't, we'll buy back!


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