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A Look "Under The Hood"

     The best way to understand something is to tear it apart.  So come with us as we take a "deep dive" into the how and why of Edison Forged wedges' superior performance.    

      Let's start by looking at a simple cross-section of an Edison Forged wedge, compared to a traditional tour design wedge . . . like the ones that are probably in your bag now.  It is easy to see the Edison Forged wedge has its mass more equally distributed across the back of the clubhead. 

   So what does that mean to your scoring range performance?


   Very simply, because the Edison Forged wedge puts much more mass behind the ball when you make contact high on the face or out on the toe, you get a more efficient transfer of energy -- which translates to more distance on your mis-hits.  And that makes your "not-so-good" shots end up more like your best ones.

Edison Forged vs. "The New Stuff"

     Remember dissecting frogs in high school biology?  Let's do the same to an Edison Forged wedge and the newest offerings from the top two wedge brands.  First, we cut away the hosels at the rear of the scorelines, to isolate this less functional part of the clubhead.  As you can see, the hosel weights vary from a high of 76.2 grams to a low of 64.6 grams in these three wedges. 

   Behind the striking surface, however, is where the big difference lies.  Our next cut was to dissect the impact zone horizontally at a point 24mm up from the leading edge; our research indicates this is the center of most recreational golfers' impact pattern (and the point where we measured center hits in our robotic testing).



    These comparative dissections show how the Edison Forged wedge allocates the mass very differently above and below the impact zone, creating a differential of over 35 grams, compared to a gram or less in either of the others.

     In engineer-speak, this equalizes the smash factor across a much larger area of the face in order to preserve impact efficiency on off-center impacts.  Again, our goal was simple -- to make your not-so-good shots turn out a lot more like your best ones . . .

      At its very core, any club's forgiveness and distance control are all about "smash factor" consistency . . . and no other wedges even come close to equalizing it across the face like the Edison Forged wedges. 

     This "look under the hood" proves it.

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