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Developed by Terry Koehler

The 'Wedge Guy'

For over 30 years, Terry has focused his design energies on the wedge play needs of recreational golfers like you . . . NOT tour professionals. 

If you were fortunate enough to play wedges by Reid Lockhart, Eidolon, SCOR. or the Ben Hogan TK Wedges or Ft. Worth irons, you'll know his work.

innovative technologies

Revolutionizing Your Wedge Game

In the new Edison 2.0 Forged wedges, Terry has applied everything he has learned over a 30-year wedge design career to give you more help with your wedge game than you've ever imagined. Forgiveness, better distance control, any-lie/any swing versatility and spin like you've never seen.


Perfecting Wedges For Recreational Golfers

How the revolutionary Edison 2.0 wedges fix your short game...

While other designers develop their wedges with their paid tour players, my work has always been focused on recreational golfers. That's because even the best players you know don't hit wedges the way tour professionals do. There is nothing quite as rewarding as having an 5, 10 or 15 handicap golfer tell me I've made a difference in their wedge game.

Terry Koehler
Director of Innovation

EDISON 2.0 Wedges

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100% Risk Free Trial.

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3 Wedge Set

Having matched wedges is as important as matched irons. A full set of EDISON 2.0 wedges will optimize your entire scoring range performance.

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4 Wedge Set

Optimize your scoring range shotmaking, and have the complete set of tools in your bag to get the most out of every round.