Just who is Terry Koehler?

      We're pleased to introduce you to our Chairman and Director of Innovation.  If you were fortunate enough to play wedges or irons by Reid Lockhart, EIDOLON, SCOR or most recently the Ben Hogan TK Wedges and Ft. Worth irons, you know his work.  For over 30 years, he has focused his design energies on the needs of recreational golfers, NOT tour professionals.

      In 1990, his patented "Koehler sole" was the first (and still the only) wedge sole to combine both a high and low bounce into each wedge to make them versatile from any kind of lie and any swing path.  

      In the Reid Lockhart wedges in 1995, he introduced a thicker upper face section to improve spin and shot dispersion.  He refined that concept with the EIDOLON wedges from 2003-2010 and began to see others follow his lead, but still none have even approached his 1995 improvements.

      The EIDOLON wedges in 2003 were also the first to incorporate 100% CNC-milled faces and grooves.  The market leading brand introduced their milled grooves in 2005.

      In 2011, his SCOR wedges introduced progressive weighting throughout the line of "scoring clubs", from 41 to 61 degrees in loft.  The leading wedge brand began to tout their 'new' progressive wedge weighting in 2016.  

      From 2014-2016, he led the team that brought the vaunted Ben Hogan brand back to the golf equipment industry, and the company launched with his designs for the TK15 wedges and Ft. Worth irons, both earning acclaim from golfers of all skill levels.  But retirement didn't really stick, and by 2017, he was working on the revolutionary wedge designs that have become the EDISON FORGED wedges.

      Over the past 30 years, he has orchestrated formal research into golfers and their wedges, and has conducted hundreds of live golfer interviews at dozens of demo days.  He has also put many major-brand wedges through a battery of independent robotic tests to understand their performance weaknesses.

      Most recently he has authored a patent application that defines breakthrough technologies in designing and crafting wedges with additive manufacturing (3D printing) methodologies.

      In the new EDISON FORGED wedges, Terry has applied everything he has learned to achieve performance no other wedges can match. [See the data that proves it.]  

      "While other wedge designers prove their work with their paid tour players, my work has always been focused on recreational golfers.  There is nothing quite like having an 8, 10 or 15 handicap player tell me I've made a difference in their wedge game."

                                                                                           - Terry Koehler

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