EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single


Revamp your wedge game with EDISON 2.0 Wedges.

With a design inspired by 20 years of research on recreational golfers, these wedges offer unmatched forgiveness and precision on every shot.

The patented 'Koehler Sole' combines a high bounce leading edge with a low bounce trailing portion for unparalleled versatility across various lies and turf conditions.

Expertly crafted with 5x forged heads and premium KBS shafts and Lamkin grips, these wedges are a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their wedge game.

*Please note that the EDISON 2.0 Wedges are only available for right-handed golfers and come in odd-numbered lofts only. If you select even-numbered lofts, your wedges will be tweaked 1-degree weaker (i.e. 58 will have 57 on the sole, etc).

✔️ Heads: 5X forged 1025 carbon steel

✔️ Finish: Glass bead & satin buff; Edison Pearl Chrome plating

✔️ Hosel bore: Accepts any .355 taper tip shaft; weight port in bottom of bore

✔️ Koehler Sole: The patented Koehler Sole combines both a high bounce leading edge with a low bounce trailing portion of the sole for unmatched versatility. It cannot be compared to any conventional specialized sole grind.

Our standard assembly methods place the KBS shaft band facing down on steel shafts, graphics facing right and left on graphite shafts. If you prefer different alignment, please note that in "NOTES" on your order.

We are also happy to build your Edison 2.0 Wedges with any non-standard shafts or grips you might prefer. Please call 1-800-933-4395 for pricing and to order.

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EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single

Technical Specifications
Loft Degrees(°) Head Weight (g) Std Length Swing Weight Std Lie Sole Bounce (Lead/Trailing) Hosel Bore
45-48° 290 35.75 D3 63.5* 15.5°/4.5° .355"
49-52° 293 35.50 D3 63.5 21°/5° .355"
53-56° 293 35.50 D4 63.5 21°/6° .355"
57-60° 298 35.25 D4 63.5* 29°/7.5° .355"

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
No Left-hand

Very disappointed only made in RH

Such feel!!

I switched from a major oem to Edison because my wedges felt a little harsh at impact. I now have Edison’s 47,51 & 57 and love them. I’m very comfortable opening, closing punching or lobbing. Best feeling wedges ever!!

Just pull the trigger!

I absolutely love these wedges. First thing I did was to use my launch monitor to test them against my 2 year old Clevelands and the RPM differential is real. In some cases an average of 2000rpm more with 8-10 yards more distance. On the course, the control around the greens made me actually look forward to missing the green. My only complaint is I ran out of season to learn my distances with each wedge.

Great feel

Being that I was replacing a set of Miura wedges with the Edisons, I was concerned if the feel of the Edisons would stack up. There was no need for concern. Plenty of buttery feel with the Edisons.

Didn’t expect to love the feel this much

Wasn’t sure what the Edison wedges would do for me & my game, but I couldn’t be more pleased. Love the weight and the bounce. Definitely worth a shot. I like the odd numbers too, it fixed some gap issues I had with my other wedges.

Saved my sand game!

The bounce on these wedges are absolutely perfect for me.

Lefty McSouthpaw
No Lefty Love

Where are the lefty options?

Excellent Wedges

They are the best wedges I ever hit. You can hit them high, low any shot you want to make.

Help your game!

Was lucky enough to test these wedges out and wow did they blow me away. Simulator data proved that these wedges outperformed my vokeys in almost every way . But the big thing was mishits being so forgiving. Customer service has been wonderful as well with Ross.

Feel, Control, Forgiveness

From the initial look right out of the box to the set up behind the ball to the forgiveness and to the control over distance and direction the Edison wedges are top shelf and should be on your short list of candidates if you are in the market. If you think the forgiveness factor would have them in a category of clubs for higher handicaps, that would be incorrect. I had a 1 handicap try them out for a round and he was able to flight the ball as low as he wanted and indicated they had the feedback he needed for working the ball as necessary. I am a 4, I use ¾ swing shots for my wedge play and don’t try to work the flight like he does and I had no issue developing the feel for distance control. I benefitted from the forgiveness on my occasional slight toe side miss. There was no loss in distance and the direction remained true. Around the green I use the 53* and open & close the face as needed for the type shot I want. The dual sole works well for this strategy and I quickly gained confidence in executing the shots and hitting the landing target. The Edison 53* and 57* replaced two of the well known wedge "giants" in my bag.

As seen in

The Best New Golf Wedges on the Market

MrShortGame Golf

Why Choose Edison Wedges


Edison wedges deliver unmatched forgiveness


Any lie, any swing . . . Fear No Shot.

More Spin

Stop, drop and spin approach shots at will

Custom Built

Get wedges made to improve your game

Designed for everyday golfers

NOT Tour Players

Because traditional 'tour design' wedges haven't changed much in decades, your wedge game has suffered.

Not anymore.

The EDISON2.0 wedges are unique in style and playability, because they were designed from scratch for the way YOU play the game.

Hit hard-to-hit shots with ease

Golfs Most Forgiving Wedge, Period.

Shots hit slightly high on the face or a bit toward the toe will consistently fly more like your best shots, unlike the wedges you've always played which need to be hit right on the sweet spot.

Weight Distribution:

Mass Where it Matters

EDISON 2.0 wedges optimize forgiveness, distance, consistency and spin.

With more mass directly behind and above your center-face and high-face mis-hits, your not-so-good shots will end up more like your best.

Unparalleled Distance Control

31 Feet Closer

Your 'tour design' wedges can cost you up to 52 feet of distance on even a 1⁄2 inch miss.

EDISON 2.0 Wedges reduce that distance loss by more than 30 feet - over twice as forgiving as what's in your bag.


One Sole For All Shots

The patented Koehler Sole is proven to be the most versatile sole design in the wedge category.

Any lie, turf condition or swing path, you always have the right bounce and grind.

Upto 18% More Spin:

Stop Your Ball In It's Tracks

Edison has pushed the envelope on face texture and groove geometry as far as allowable.

Wider and deeper grooves in the lower lofts give you the control you need on full swings and shots from the rough.

In the higher lofts, the grooves are spaced a bit closer to get just one more groove edge on the ball, and all groove edges are as sharp "as the law allows".

Edison Wedges create more spin, particularly on mid-range wedge shots where you don't swing as fast.

The unique design mitigates spin loss on off-center impacts. Even the spin on your slight mis-hits will surprise you.


-- Edison Wedge 2.0 Reviews --

The Most Forgiving Wedges in Golf!

- Gareth Shaw Golf

This May Be The best Golf Wedge For Everyone

- Peter von Panda

These Look And play AMAZING

- GolfWRX Radio

Are These The BEST Golf Wedges Ever Made?

- Golfers Authority

What customers are saying...

Have played Vokey for many Years, took a gamble and bought a 51 from Edison, the most forgiving and best feeling wedge I have ever had. I have a 51 and a 55. haven't touched my Vokey in over 4 months.

Jet Dawson

This wedge feels amazing, looks like a true players club at address, and the turf interaction and shot dispersion is second to none!

Jeff Stewart

As a 70 year old, I can honestly say my wedge game was awful. It just seemed to me all top line wedges have been designed for expert level players and they just add more bounce. Edison Wedges are custom fit designed for your game - And they work great - I am now a better wedge player - Thanks Edison!

Timmy Branco

Love my Edison 2.0 wedges. They are definitely more forgiving and perform very well in all kinds of lies. Highly recommend. Not only can you feel the difference - But you can see the difference on you're score card!

Bruce Alvino

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Edison Wedges the Most Forgiving and Accurate Wedges on The Market

It’s all about the distribution of mass. The EDISON 2.0 wedges look different from all others because we spread the mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead, so that you get more ‘oomph’ on those shots not hit exactly right. And that delivers more distance, better spin and more accuracy. 

How does Edison Improve Scoring performance?

By completely re-arranging the mass across the back of the golf club, we made a dramatic improvement in smash factor consistency.

So, the shot hit a bit high on the face or toward the toe - which are the most common misses, even for tour players - turns out more like a solid shot in distance and spin.

The improvement is huge and has been proven on the swing robot - on a half inch miss, high on the face, the Edison wedge delivers up to 30 feet more distance at 90 yards

How many wedges should the average golfer play, and why? 

The answer is at least three, preferably four (and not just because we make them!). 

First, understand that set matching “P-clubs” are now as strong as 43 degrees or even lower and many have fast face technologies, so they are not really “wedges” at all. 

But regardless of your skill, scoring happens inside true wedge range, so you should have enough ‘weapons’ of 45 degrees and higher to keep your distance gapping between wedges to 11-13 yards. 

For most golfers, that means gapping between the wedges of 4 or 5 degrees to the highest loft wedge you like to have in your bag.

Why do EDISON 2.0 wedges cost more than most others?

For just a few dollars more than something ‘off the rack’, you get heads that are precision-forged, not cast. 

You get to choose from a wide selection of premium KBS shafts, not a generic “wedge flex” shaft that is a poor match to your irons. 

And you get your wedges custom-built just for you, to the exact specification for length, lie angle, and even grip adjustments . . . all at no extra charge.

"The new Edisons should definitely be on your list"

- John Barba