Risk-Free Trial

How It works

  • We Build A Wedge To Your Specs
  • You Test It Thoroughly (for 30 days or so)
  • If It’s Not Better, Ship It Back To Us
  • We’ll Refund Your Purchase Price

Why We Offer A Risk-Free Trial

The only way to evaluate whether any wedges are really going to give you what you are seeking is to take one to your course and hit the shots you face every round.

From full-swing shots to a variety of pitch and chip shots, you simply have to experience the feel, trajectory, spin, and turf interaction from all the lies you face and shots you hit on a daily basis.

This process should be done over a few rounds on the course, not just a short session on the range or a few dozen shots.

You need to see the ball flight… and like it. You need to observe how the ball reacts when it hits the green. You need to hit plenty of full-swing wedges, some chip-and-runs, mid-range wedge shots, short-side pitches, and bunker shots from the variety of sand textures you likely encounter.

And maybe most importantly, you need to see how that wedge performs on your not-so-good shots. No other wedges even talk about “forgiveness.” It’s our driving force.

But any old demo wedge just won't do the job. You need to hit those shots with the actual wedge you are contemplating buying, with the shaft that provides a “seamless transition” to those in your irons.

That's why we offer you the opportunity of a 100% Risk Free Trial of the EDISON 2.0 wedge of your choice. What have you got to lose but a few strokes off your scores?


Damaged Clubs

We certainly expect your Risk-Free Trial wedge to show signs of normal wear from a month of use, but please take care of it. If a returned wedge shows damage other than normal wear, we will have to reduce the amount of your refund accordingly.

Applies To One (1) Wedge Only

Our 100% Risk-Free Trial applies to one wedge only. You can still take advantage of our 100% Risk-Free Trial if you purchase a 3- or 4-wedge set, but please only test one wedge from the set. If more than one wedge is used, we will charge a restocking fee on all used wedges based on the condition of those wedges. 

Non-Standard Shafts And Grips

We’re happy to custom build your EDISON 2.0 wedges with any shaft or any grip you might prefer (call for price), but due to the custom nature of these clubs they are not able to be returned or refunded without a restocking fee.

Altered Clubs

If you modify or alter your EDISON 2.0 wedge in any way, such as changing the grip or altering the shaft length, your request for a refund may be denied entirely or the amount of refund reduced accordingly.

Shipping Costs

We will ship your new EDISON 2.0 wedge to you at no charge and will even pay for the return shipping costs on the rare chance you don’t like it. That’s what makes this an entirely 100% Risk Free Trial.