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Golf's Most Forgiving Wedges, Period.

With engineering inspired by 30 years of research on everyday golfers like you, Edison wedges deliver unmatched forgiveness and precision on every shot.

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"The Edison Wedges would stay in the bag."


"Higher weight distribution improves spin & consistency across the face."

- Golf Digest

"The best wedge you’ve ever played."


"Lower, more penetrating flight, more consistent distance, and increased backspin."

"The sole is as effective as ever with impressive spin".

- The Hackers Paradise

Developed by Terry Koehler

The 'Wedge Guy'

For over 30 years, Terry has specialized in designing wedges tailored to the way everyday golfers like you play the game . . . not to the exquisite skills of a handful of elite tour professionals.

And there is a huge difference!

You might not know him by name, but if you've played wedges or irons by Reid Lockhart®, Eidolon®, SCOR™ or Ben Hogan®, you're familiar with his work.

In the EDISON wedges, he's applied more than three decades of intense wedge study to deliver unmatched scoring range forgiveness without compromising one bit of

From the unique and innovative weighting . . . to his patented Koehler Sole®️ . . . to Edison’s unmatched custom-build-to-order process, you no longer have to suffer with stale old finicky ‘tour design’ wedges that
penalize even your slightest mishits.

Better scoring is only a few clicks away.  We guarantee it.

The Best New Golf Wedges on the Market

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Q: What makes them different?

A: Edison Wedges are designed for everyday golfers..NOT Tour Players.

Edison Wedges are designed to help YOU hit better, more consistent shots.

Revolutionary Mass Redistribution

Weight where it matters.

What really determines how a wedge will work is simple -- how much mass is directly behind and above the ball at the point of contact.

That's why traditional 'tour design' wedges are so awful if you don't hit every shot perfect, between the 2nd and 5th grooves.

With up to 42% more mass where it matters, Edison Wedges make the smash factor as consistent as possible across the entire face, so those not-so-good shots turn out more like your best.

Making your slight mis-hits end up 20 to 30 feet closer to the flag is money . . . even if you're not playing for any.

Forgiveness = Consistency

Pinpoint Distance Control

The key to scoring range performance is distance consistency, and no wedges compare to the EDISON 2.0 design in giving you just that.

The revolutionary design of the EDISON 2.0 wedges delivers a more consistent transfer of energy to the ball across a larger area of the face, giving more distance to your slight mis-hits.

The 2.0 Koehler Sole®️

Fear No Shot

While major brands have come up with all kinds of names and designations for their various “grinds", each one was derived from a particular tour player's personal preferences. And none of them can handle the wide variety of lies and swings you have every round.

The patented Koehler Sole is unmatched in versatility that allows you to hit many different shots, without having to make major adjustments to your swing or setup.

This means you can master bunkers of all textures, fluffy or deep lies, tight lies, rough & even hardpan.

Spin Like You Can’t Believe

18% More Spin

A bonus benefit of the unique EDISON 2.0 wedge design is that it optimizes gear effect to create more spin, particularly on those mid-range wedge shots where you don't swing as fast.

On top of that, we push the limits of groove geometry and face texture to the max. Our unique "X pattern" between the grooves on the higher lofts give you even more spin on those short shots around the green.

Sit back and watch your golf buddies' jaw drop as your wedge shots stop on a dime.


Get Fitted in 3 Minutes

Choosing the right wedges online can be a daunting task, but our proprietary WedgeFit®️ tool makes it easy.

WedgeFit®️ is an online fitting tool that takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect wedges for your game.

By answering a few simple questions about your clubs, typical course conditions, and preferences, WedgeFit®️ will recommend the ideal wedge setup for your needs.


-- Edison Wedge 2.0 Reviews --

'The Most Forgiving Wedges in Golf!'

- Gareth Shaw Golf

'The best Golf Wedge For Everyone'

- Peter von Panda

Trusted by recreational golfers

Customer Reviews...

Have played Vokey for many Years, took a gamble and bought a 51 from Edison, the most forgiving and best feeling wedge I have ever had. I have a 51 and a 55. haven't touched my Vokey in over 4 months.

Jet Dawson

This wedge feels amazing, looks like a true players club at address, and the turf interaction and shot dispersion is second to none!

Jeff Stewart

As a 70 year old, I can honestly say my wedge game was awful. It just seemed to me all top line wedges have been designed for expert level players and they just add more bounce. Edison Wedges are custom fit designed for your game - And they work great - I am now a better wedge player - Thanks Edison!

Timmy Branco

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Drew Freeman
As advertised!

I am very happy with my wedges. The ball flight is very consistant and there is ample spin for control. I would recommend these wedges to anyone who is struggling with the "pro" type wedge.

james cramer

I wasn’t sure, when I ordered the 45degree wedge. But after hitting the wedge a few trips to course changed my mind. So I ordered a set of three more. So far they are helping my handicap in my league has dropped 3 strokes. Looking forward to learning how to play the 49, and 53. So far I am very happy. They do as advertised and I am not going back to my taylor maxes. Thank you Terry and Bill for working with me.

Barry Blalock
Versatility and Forgiveness

Every other long winded review hailing these wedges as superior are completely accurate. I’ll never play another wedge and this is from a guy that only played the newest Vokey’s every couple of seasons. They’re pure, forgiving and more versatile. The price is right.

Rod Holloway
What a surprise

I have previously owned scott wedges and Ben hogan wedges which I have loved
Played today hadn’t even hit them at all
They are wonderful clubs they feel just perfect and like I have played with them forever very silky touch

James R Hansen
Confidence with the wedges

Have been playing with my 49 degree Edison 2.0 wedge for 2 plus weeks now and this wedge exceeds my expectations. A versatile club, performs well from the rough to tight lies around the green. The technology is there on my mishits. Love the feel and appreciate the great looks. Going to move ahead rounding out my wedge setup with 2 more of these wonderful wedges.

Thanks Edison Golf


Fantastic stick. The KBS PGI shaft is spot on.

Mike Rausch
Love it

Ok, played yesterday. Club is outstanding. Way better than I thought it would be. At my age (76) I am a bit more skeptical than younger days. Only hit it 4 times during my round. The ball stopped on a dime, went high and landed soft. Greens here were a little hard so I was surprised. The ball checked up on a chip from the rough. Shot 79 with a bad start. Thank you for building me a new weapon to score with. Telling my buddies.

Larry Fowler
It's true, these wedges feel like nothing else

I'm a mid to high handicapper that has tried virtually every wedge out there; Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, etc.
My first swings on the range with my Edison 2.0s felt totally different. I think the biggest difference was the turf interaction. I typically struggle with making consistent solid contact but not with the Edison's. All three wedges felt very consistent and gives me confidence that I know where my ball is going to end up. My wedges are, or were, by far the weakest part of my game but now I am well on my way to cutting at least 5 strokes off my score. Can't wait to put more rounds on them. Thank you, Terry Koehler!

Rick Fry
Best wedges ever!

I’ve owned the big name wedges. These are my favorites! Any lie, great spin and distance control. Hope they make a full set of irons someday😄

Jeffrey Faulkner

Once you dial them in, Edison wedges are “sliced bread” II. I know you are not supposed to use the word “sliced” in a golf related review, but 2.0 wedges are that good. I purchased a 45º wedge and had it bent to 44º to replace my 9 iron and to compliment the 49º, 53º, and 57º that I had previously bought. The experiment has exceeded my expectations for consistency, feel, and touch. Service was excellent and my wedge arrived as expected despite a holiday between order time and delivery.

I’m convinced. Build mine now

EDISON 2.0 Wedges

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