I want to personally thank you for taking our WedgeFit Scoring Range Analysis.  

You will receive an immediate email with our recommendations based on your input, and our WedgeFit team will also be reviewing your answers.  One of them will reach out in the next day or two with some deeper insight into how Edison Forged wedges can improve your scoring range performance.  

Robotic testing has proven the Edison Forged wedges are more forgiving of your mis-hits, improves spin and delivers more penetrating trajectories.  We would like to prove that to you with our unmatched Performance Guarantee. 

We'll build you any wedge with your choice of loft and shaft and let you try it out on the course you play, hitting the shots you face every day.   And if you don't like it, we'll buy it back.

Thank you again and best regards,
Terry Koehler - Chairman/Director of Innovation