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Edison 2.0 Reviews

See what our growing list of delirious Edison Owners have to say about “The Edison Difference.”

Based on 198 reviews
51 edison 2.0

Just replaced my edison 1.0. My 2.0 has the updraded graphite shaft. I loved the 1.0. I want to sleep with the 2.0. I have it titleist, callaway, cleveland, and other wedges. I have never had one thati am confident on distance or direction until i found edison. For that normal golfer this is the club to get. Period. Sand shots. Rough. Greenside. Full swing. When i pull it out of the bag i am 100% confident that i will have the shot i want. If you are thinking about it, try it. You will not regret it, even if your wife does not like the cost.

53° wedge

Best sand wedge I've ever had. Great for chipping and full shots.

Love the wedge, except it was way too light for me. Lead tape did the trick. It works great. The best thing about it is the bounce.

Great wedges

Noticed more distance right away. After 2-3 rounds i also noticed better accuracy. This is my second set, went from Vokeys to Edison and have no complaints.

Edison wedges 49 and 55 degree...custom length shafts

The website was very easy to use to match up the loft I wanted and the length of the shafts needed. I don't bend as well as I used to and have found that longer shafted clubs (extra one inch) really works find for a consistent swing plane and path. I had standard lenth Edison wedges before and they worked well and until I did not work so well. The new 2.0 version is great and it matches with the extra length for all of the my clubs now.

Great feel and performance

Replaced my TaylorMade wedge with a 53 degree and love the feel, shape and forgiveness. Excellent club.

3 Wedge Set - Edison 2.0 Wedges
Zachary Green Green
Transformed my game.

Just wanted to report that the wedges have completely transformed my golf game. This year for the first time in my life, my short game has gone from an anxiety ridden mess to the most confident part of my game. I joined a men's league and and crushed my first match narrowly missing a 3rd birdie on the side. My GHIN has dropped from 15 to 13 and I feel ready for my June trip to Scotland. I tell every golfer I know about the product.

Thank you!

Works as promised

Great Feeling Wedges

The Edison 2.0 wedges are some of the best feeling wedges on the Market. As a PGA professional who gives lessons to all skill levels, I highly recommend these for the average golfer as well as the low handicap player !

Exceeding expectations!

I never thought that I would replace my BH TK15 3-wedge set but my new customized Edison wedges are better than expected! Greater distance and higher flight. The look at setup when at a tight lie with the v-sole design (a BH feature back then) cannot be equaled by any of the big tour player models. A wedge that looks like and plays similar as my irons makes my pre-shot routine 50% more confident as I take my shot with the Edisons. Thank you Terry Koehler for a wedge that plays for all of us. 5-stars plus!

Great feel

Really enjoying my wedges. Far superior to my Callaways.

Edison 2.0 49* and 53*

Finally, I was able to try out the my new Edison 2.0 wedges, 49 (bent to 50*) and 53 (bent to 54*). Both fitted with KBS PGI shafts. Stunning looks and the performance was equally impressive. What really stood out was the sole design. Crisp, clean and fluid turf interaction which resulted in pure strikes. Excellent ball flight and slightly longer distances than my current New Level wedges. I am very impressed but this was my 1st outing playing with them. I will submit another review in 3 months after more playing time.

Not yet the answer

Put my new Edison gap wedge through extensive play last week. Although I have seen instances where the ball does stop well, the consistency is not quite there. My previous wedge was a Mizuno Hot Metal 921 and I was hoping for a significant improvement. So far the jury is still out. I'll keep working with it to provide a more full analysis.

Wedges for life

Love the balance and weight of my 57 degree wedge. It is my go to for shots 60 yds and closer to the green. Thanks for building me such a great club.

Great feel

Just played a round using the Edison 2.0 wedge. The feel of the wedge is great. I was hitting the 51 degree and from the results it will be replacing my Callaway apex.

Excellent wedge

I have much more to learn with this wedge. Beautifully balanced

The Best Wedges Period!

Two outstanding features of these wedges.

They are perfect from every lie….tight, long grass, bunkers,the sole of the club is wonderful.

The mass high on the blade helps with off center hits, you lose very little distance with high face hits.

Better than Vokeys

These are to easiest wedges I have ever owned. Perfectly weighted to allow for crisp, clean shots. My handicap will start coming down with these wedges. What a difference...

3 Wedge Set - Edison 2.0 Wedges

The 47 Degree Wedge

My favorite club. Really smooth and solid. It doesn’t prevent shanking, duffing, or skulling; but based on many game-improvement wedge attempts those advertisements are mostly myths. Practice your short game with an Edison and you will see improvement and probably get some more Edison wedges into your bag. Worth the price.

Edison 2.0's Even Better

I am a long time Edison Wedge user and finally upgraded to the new 2.0 Edison Wedge. I must say they feel the same but perform even better. My strikes feel more solid and I am getting better spin as evidenced in my hitting bay. Appreciated the bending to 52 -56- 60 to fit my gaps.

5 Stars

I have 3 rounds w the Wedges and I have the following observations. Feel is excellent, looks are good. I’m still working on dialing in the distances but I like the lower trajectory I get . My Chipping and Pitching has been very consistent and I love the Lamkin perma wrap grips on the wedges. Great product. Respectfully Gary Dreyfus


I have only hit it about 6 times. I went through the turf like butter. The feel was incredible. I am thinking about completing my set!


The feeling is great indoors. Our golf club opens next week. Can’t wait to test it in real life!

These wedges are magic!

I took my new wedge directly to the course and it has improved my scores by 2-3 strokes per round. Very forgiving, great spin and consistent results. I have so much more confidence on shots around the green, it’s incredible!

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