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Edison 2.0 Reviews

See what our growing list of delirious Edison Owners have to say about “The Edison Difference.”

Based on 221 reviews
As advertised!

I am very happy with my wedges. The ball flight is very consistant and there is ample spin for control. I would recommend these wedges to anyone who is struggling with the "pro" type wedge.


I wasn’t sure, when I ordered the 45degree wedge. But after hitting the wedge a few trips to course changed my mind. So I ordered a set of three more. So far they are helping my handicap in my league has dropped 3 strokes. Looking forward to learning how to play the 49, and 53. So far I am very happy. They do as advertised and I am not going back to my taylor maxes. Thank you Terry and Bill for working with me.

Versatility and Forgiveness

Every other long winded review hailing these wedges as superior are completely accurate. I’ll never play another wedge and this is from a guy that only played the newest Vokey’s every couple of seasons. They’re pure, forgiving and more versatile. The price is right.

What a surprise

I have previously owned scott wedges and Ben hogan wedges which I have loved
Played today hadn’t even hit them at all
They are wonderful clubs they feel just perfect and like I have played with them forever very silky touch

Confidence with the wedges

Have been playing with my 49 degree Edison 2.0 wedge for 2 plus weeks now and this wedge exceeds my expectations. A versatile club, performs well from the rough to tight lies around the green. The technology is there on my mishits. Love the feel and appreciate the great looks. Going to move ahead rounding out my wedge setup with 2 more of these wonderful wedges.

Thanks Edison Golf

Fantastic stick. The KBS PGI shaft is spot on.

Love it

Ok, played yesterday. Club is outstanding. Way better than I thought it would be. At my age (76) I am a bit more skeptical than younger days. Only hit it 4 times during my round. The ball stopped on a dime, went high and landed soft. Greens here were a little hard so I was surprised. The ball checked up on a chip from the rough. Shot 79 with a bad start. Thank you for building me a new weapon to score with. Telling my buddies.

It's true, these wedges feel like nothing else

I'm a mid to high handicapper that has tried virtually every wedge out there; Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, etc.
My first swings on the range with my Edison 2.0s felt totally different. I think the biggest difference was the turf interaction. I typically struggle with making consistent solid contact but not with the Edison's. All three wedges felt very consistent and gives me confidence that I know where my ball is going to end up. My wedges are, or were, by far the weakest part of my game but now I am well on my way to cutting at least 5 strokes off my score. Can't wait to put more rounds on them. Thank you, Terry Koehler!

Best wedges ever!

I’ve owned the big name wedges. These are my favorites! Any lie, great spin and distance control. Hope they make a full set of irons someday😄

EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single
Jeffrey Faulkner

Once you dial them in, Edison wedges are “sliced bread” II. I know you are not supposed to use the word “sliced” in a golf related review, but 2.0 wedges are that good. I purchased a 45º wedge and had it bent to 44º to replace my 9 iron and to compliment the 49º, 53º, and 57º that I had previously bought. The experiment has exceeded my expectations for consistency, feel, and touch. Service was excellent and my wedge arrived as expected despite a holiday between order time and delivery.

Better than my Volkey’s

Much better feel than the Volkey’s I was playing. Better distance control and spin. Highly recommended.

good wedge

Hits well every where except from sand [bunker]. still a work in progress for me. otherwise very good wedge. Joe.


Great wedges! I have the KBS Players Graphite Shaft in mine. Enjoy them.

Great Wedge

I have had it for a few days - so far it has been great. The look is great which is important to me. I even shared with a DI college player who loved the look and performance as well. I particularly like playing from the bunker with it. Thank you Sam

Not sure yet

I have been hitting short shots at home and played one round. I started and hit some really good shots then for some reason I couldn’t hit it. I liked the way it came off the face and it had more spin than my old wedges. Going to try again today.

Saving strokes and improving

I unpacked the new wedges (recommended 3 set, Edison 2.0). Pleased with what I received. Pulled out my two old wedges from bag, put in the new ones. went to the course. The larger sweet spot really is effective. I hit two flag sticks from 15 - 20 yards off the green the first time out. I later worked out yardages on a simulator which was helpful. Sometimes the ball impact is marked on the club with grass stain and it is out towards the toe. You can’t tell it from the shot, the ball goes where I want it. Looking forward to getting better with these clubs.

Wedge was very heavy weighted. Not a feel club. Might be good for deep rough but did not perform well on tight lies. I am returning.

I switched Cleveland RTC Full-Face to Edison 2.0

Very good. I wish you can make iron set

Still reviewing. I play Cleveland RTX6 wedges now and have not seen the benefit yet to switch.

EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single
Brian mcconeghy

EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single

EDISON 2.0 Wedge - Single
Mark 15 handicap
The hype is true

Hitting shots I never could before, increased confidence from the sand and around the greens, now I have to trade in my other wedges and complete my set!

51 edison 2.0

Just replaced my edison 1.0. My 2.0 has the updraded graphite shaft. I loved the 1.0. I want to sleep with the 2.0. I have it titleist, callaway, cleveland, and other wedges. I have never had one thati am confident on distance or direction until i found edison. For that normal golfer this is the club to get. Period. Sand shots. Rough. Greenside. Full swing. When i pull it out of the bag i am 100% confident that i will have the shot i want. If you are thinking about it, try it. You will not regret it, even if your wife does not like the cost.

53° wedge

Best sand wedge I've ever had. Great for chipping and full shots.

Love the wedge, except it was way too light for me. Lead tape did the trick. It works great. The best thing about it is the bounce.

Great wedges

Noticed more distance right away. After 2-3 rounds i also noticed better accuracy. This is my second set, went from Vokeys to Edison and have no complaints.

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