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Always played Vokeys. This wedge is far superior. Better checking ability with much softer feel than Vokey. Also, improves the playability enhancement with the double grind on the sole. Could not like my Edison 57* more.

The EDISON 2.0s allow me to hit every chip, pitch and flop while giving incredible forgiveness on 3/4 and full shots. It is so nice to be able to slightly mis hit a wedge and still be on the green.

The clubs are amazing. Performance is outstanding. Feel is outstanding. Appearance is Beautiful. The results I am getting around and into the greens are as advertised. Thanks for designing and delivering a club that has really helped my game.

I have been a vokey loyalist for at least 15 years. The feel and ball flight of the Edison wedges are so pure. I don’t see a scenario where I would go back to the Vokey’s. Be prepared for a lot of controllable spin on these weapons. These are quality clubs for players looking for next level performance.

These are the most forgoing wedges I have ever owned and near the callaway eggs I was playing prior to this. Debate right now is do I replace my current gap wedge and I am leaning toward making it happen. These are forgiving and consistent beyond belief.


Forgiveness. Sole versatility. Spin.

Forgiveness. Shots hit slightly high on the face or a bit toward the toe will consistently fly more like your best shots, unlike the wedges you've always played.

Sole versatility. The unique Koehler sole cuts through the confusion of bounce and grinds to be the right sole for the widest variety of shots and swing paths. 

Spin. A wonderful side benefit of our ultra-high center of mass is that it creates more spin, particularly on those mid-range wedge shots where you don't swing as fast.


The Edison Difference, We Build Wedges For The Every Day Player

With no tour players to cater to, we were able to tear down wedge performance to its basics and start from scratch to create the most forgiving, accurate and versatile wedges in the category. And we’re not afraid to tell you just how we did it.


30 Years of research and development has come together

Outside the box thinking is the only way to dramatically improve golf club performance.  And every major disruptive development required golfers to accept a new visual, i.e.

  • Ping Answer v. Bullseye and 8802 blades;
  • metalwoods v. persimmon;
  • cavity backs v. blades, oversized drivers, hybrids, “spaceship” putters . . .

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EDISON 2.0 Wedges

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The only way to judge a wedge is to put it to the test, so we let you do that 100% Risk Free. Pick any loft, any shaft and we'll send it to you so you can do just that. Play it for up to 30 days. Hit all the shots you face every round. If it doesn't prove itself better, just send it back.

Your 'tour design' wedges can cost you up to 52 feet of distance on even a 1⁄2 inch miss.

EDISON 2.0 Wedges reduce that distance loss to only 22 feet - over twice as forgiving as what's in your bag.

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