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See The Edison Difference For Yourself 100% Risk Free Trial.

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Designed for YOUR game, NOT tour players.

Edison Wedges are engineered like no others to deliver maximum forgiveness, better distance control, any-lie/any-swing versatility and spin you won't believe.

No matter what shot you're about to hit or where you're playing, our proprietary technologies ensure you'll always have the right wedge for the job.

Revolutionary Mass Redistribution

Weight where it matters.

What really determines how a wedge will work is simple -- how much mass is directly behind and above the ball at the point of contact.

That's why traditional 'tour design' wedges are so awful if you don't hit every shot perfect, between the 2nd and 5th grooves.

With up to 42% more mass where it matters, Edison Wedges make the smash factor as consistent as possible across the entire face, so those not-so-good shots turn out more like your best.

Making your slight mis-hits end up 20 to 30 feet closer to the flag is money . . . even if you're not playing for any.

The 2.0 Koehler Sole

Fear No Shot

While major brands have come up with all kinds of names and designations for their various “grinds", each one was derived from a particular tour player's personal preferences. And none of them can handle the wide variety of lies and swings you have every round.

The patented Koehler Sole is unmatched in versatility that allows you to hit many different shots, without having to make major adjustments to your swing or setup.

This means you can master bunkers of all textures, fluffy or deep lies, tight lies, rough & even hardpan.

Forgiveness = Consistency

Pinpoint Distance Control

The key to scoring range performance is distance consistency, and no wedges compare to the EDISON 2.0 design in giving you just that.

The revolutionary design of the EDISON 2.0 wedges delivers a more consistent transfer of energy to the ball across a larger area of the face, giving more distance to your slight mis-hits.

Spin Like You Can’t Believe

18% More Spin

A bonus benefit of the unique EDISON 2.0 wedge design is that it optimizes gear effect to create more spin, particularly on those mid-range wedge shots where you don't swing as fast.

On top of that, we push the limits of groove geometry and face texture to the max. Our unique "X pattern" between the grooves on the higher lofts give you even more spin on those short shots around the green.

Sit back and watch your golf buddies' jaw drop as your wedge shots stop on a dime.


100% Risk Free Trial

I realize we are making some bold claims about the Edison 2.0 wedges and what they can do for your scoring range performance. 

But my 30+ years of studying wedges and golfers went into these designs . . .and I know they do what we say they will, as evidenced by the fact that over 80% of golfers who try one come back to fill in their set.  And while we are not in the miracles business, we’ve been accused as such by thousands of happy Edison golfers.

So, what does it hurt to give one a try?  Pick any loft and shaft and we’ll build it to your specs and ship to you on our dime. 

All we ask is that you give it a fair test on the courses you play, hitting the shots you face every round. 

If it’s not better, just let us know and we’ll buy it back so you’re not out a penny.  None of the big brands would dare do that.

- Terry Koehler, Founder

I’m ready.  Let’s build mine now

EDISON 2.0 Wedges

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