Edison Forged Wedge - Head Only
Edison Forged Wedge - Head Only

Edison Wedges

Edison Forged Wedge - Head Only

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For discriminating golfers who like to build their own clubs, Edison Forged Wedge heads are available for purchase. Our technologies allowed us to engineer the Edison Forged wedges in odd-numbered lofts, from 45 to 63 degrees for greater distance, spin and more penetrating trajectories.

We recommend adjusting upward when even-number lofts are desired, i.e. make a 54 by weakening a 53, not strengthening a 55. Each head features a weight port in the bottom of the hosel for finetuning swingweight during assembly, and each head is shipped with the distinctive Edison black/copper ferrule. Hosels are bored for .370” parallel tip shafts.

FREE Shipping on orders of two or more heads. If you are a commercially engaged clubfitter/builder, please contact us about our Certified WedgeFitter program. Email Info@EdisonWedges.com for more information.

Edison Forged Wedges are only available for right-handed golfers at this time.

NOTE: We cannot offer our Performance Guarantee on component sales.