Over the past 40-50 years, we've seen a steady stream of technology revolutions in our golf equipment.  Drivers have gone from persimmon to steel to titanium, to several generations of size increases and adjustable hosels.  Irons have progressed from tiny, unforgiving blades to a myriad of game improvement designs.  Hybrids came out of nowhere.  And putters have morphed many times over.

        But the wedges in your bag right now are nearly identical to the last wedges you played . . . and the ones before that . . . and as far back as the 1970s and 80s.

             Take a look at these wedges that Ben Hogan delivered to Jack Fleck at the 1955 U.S. Open.  Honestly . . . can the mainstream wedges on today's market really claim to be that different?

     The fact is your 'tour design' wedges are the problem . . . and have been for decades.

     The major brands would never admit it, but their 'tour design' wedges are not nearly as forgiving as their irons and drivers . . . and they know it.  Regardless of the brand, traditional "tour design" wedges have a more finicky sweet spot than even the most traditional forged blade irons!  

     Robotic testing proves that ballooning trajectories, poor distance control and inefficient spin are built in to all 'tour design' wedges, and its been that way as long as any of us can remember.  Look at those two wedges again, and then look at the wedges you've played for decades, and even what you see on the market today. 

     Remarkably similar, aren't they?

    Edison Golf is challenging an entire industry category . . . for your benefit!

     The fact that you are here tells us that you're looking for something to make your wedge game better.

            Is it more penetrating trajectories?
            More consistent distance control?
            More forgiveness?
            More spin?
            Or maybe it's all of the above.

    Over his 30+ years of studying and designing wedges, Edison Golf's Director of Innovation, Terry Koehler, has seen proof that you are not going to get any of those by replacing your current wedges with another cosmetic rehash of what you've always played . . .

      The fact is . . . you cannot measurably change your wedge game without dramatically changing your wedges.  And other wedge brands have just not given you that opportunity.

 A completely fresh approach to wedge design.

  The Edison Forged wedges look different . . . so they can play different.  From his 30+ years of studying wedge performance . . . to his examination of thousands of real golfers' wedge fitting profiles . . . Terry knew moving only a few grams around the back of the club wouldn't make much difference in performance.  Neither would a nuanced, specialized sole grind . . . created because some tour professional liked it better.  Slightly improved grooves? Nope. 

     He knew that the only way to completely change wedge performance was to buck "conventional wisdom" and completely change the way a wedge looks.

     {But then, isn't that what happened to all the other clubs in our bags?  The Ping® Anser® putter and Eye® irons, TaylorMade® Tour Preferred®, Big Bertha® . . . none of those looked like what we had played before . . . but they darn sure worked!}

The proof is in the performance.

     We put the Edison Forged wedges up against the three best selling wedges in head-to-head robotic testing . . . and the Edison Forged wedges beat them all where it counts:

  • Launch angles that are 2-4 degrees lower on a loft-to-loft basis (so you can play a 57, for example, where you used to use a 56 -- and still get a lower launch on your fuller swings, but more spin around the greens.)
  • Improvement in distance consistency that delivers up to 58% tighter dispersion from your mis-hits.
  • Forgiveness - best in the category.  So your not-so-good shots end up closer to the hole than with any other wedge.
  • Spin.  The superior distribution of mass dramatically improves gear effect, and that increases spin. It's simple golf club physics.

     This is a big story.  And if you want to know more, you are in the right place.  Or you can just let us build you one to try with our Custom Demo Program.