To Change Your Wedge Game . . . You Simply Have To Change Your Wedges.

       Isn't it the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over . . . while expecting different results?

     Hello, my name is Terry Koehler. I'm the Chairman and Director of Innovation of Edison Golf Company and I would like to share some facts about wedge performance no one else will dare tell you.
    But first, what is it that would make your wedge game better?
            Is it more penetrating trajectories?
            More consistent distance control?
            More forgiveness?
            More spin?
            Or maybe it's all of the above?
     Well, I can assure you that you are not going to get any of those by replacing your current wedges with another cosmetic rehash of what you've always played.  Let me share this bit of insight into wedge performance with you . . .

      The fact is . . . you just cannot measurably change your wedge game performance without dramatically changing your wedges.  And other wedge brands have just not given you that opportunity.

Your 'tour design' wedges are the problem . . . and have been for decades.

      Edison Forged wedges were inspired by a simple truth that others in the industry will not admit -- your 'tour design' wedges are the most unforgiving clubs in your bag.  And they've been essentially unchanged for nearly 70 years.

     Take a look at these wedges that Ben Hogan delivered to Jack Fleck at the 1955 U.S. Open.  How can all the other wedges on today's market really claim to be all that different?

     Please realize that I've been putting these look-alike, play-alike wedges from the major brands on the 'Iron Byron' swing robot for decades, and I keep seeing the same things time and again.  The things you know all too well.

     High face mis-hits always come up terribly short.  The same for toe misses.  Trajectories are too high for almost every golfer.  And spin is inconsistent. 

     The truth is that many of your less-than-acceptable wedge shots are really not your fault.

     Robotic testing has proven to me that those deficiencies are built in to all 'tour design' wedges . . . and even those that claim to be "game improvement" designs . . . and its been that way longer than I've been alive.  Look at those two wedges again, and then look at the wedges you've played for decades, and even what you see on the market today.  There's just no functional difference.

     With all the mass so low, the top 2/3 of every wedge clubhead has always been super-thin, so any shot hit high on the face simply cannot go as far because there's very little "meat" behind the impact point.  Smash factor is shot.  It's simple golf club physics.

A completely fresh approach to wedge design.

     I've been acutely focused on wedge performance and golfers' struggles with wedges for the past thirty years.  And with the new Edison Forged wedges, I was committed to getting further outside the box than ever before.  So I started fresh with a clean face profile, and then completely re-engineered the back of the wedge.  I knew I had to move a lot of mass around in order to deliver the kind of forgiveness and consistent performance we demand from every other club in our bags.  A few grams just wasn't going to cut it.

     The Edison Forged wedges look different . . . so they can play different.  I was not going to go down the path of insanity like the other brands.  I knew slight tweaks to the profile wouldn't make a difference.  Moving only a few grams around the back of the club wouldn't either.  Slightly improved grooves or a nuanced new sold grind? Nada. 

     What I knew I had to do was completely change the way a wedge looks . . . so that I could completely change how it plays. 

     And that's what the Edison Forged wedges are all about.

The proof is in the performance.

     I can go on and on, as this is a big story.  And if you want to know more, just visit some of the pages here on our website.  You can learn all about just how we did it HERE.   And take a look "under the hood" HERE.  

     But why don't we just put one of these remarkable Edison Forged wedges in your hands so you can see this performance for yourself?   

     I don't mean just some generic demo club, however.  We'll build your new Edison Forged wedge to your specs -- your loft, your shaft, even any custom alterations to length and lie angle if you want them.  [Our WedgeFit Tool will help you determine all that, by the way.]  Then you can go play it for a few rounds.  Hit the shots you know, on the courses you play most often.  

     I'm betting you will see noticeable differences in spin, launch and distance consistency.  And that -- most importantly -- along the way you're going to find yourself "getting away with" some shots that turn out much better than you might have expected.

     But if you don't find this improved performance, just let us know and we'll buy it back at the same price you paid for it new!  If Edison Forged wedges don't work for you, we certainly do not want them in your bag.

     Again, I invite you to read all about Edison Golf and the remarkable Edison Forged wedges.  Or you can just let us build you one to try.  You've got nothing to lose but a few strokes off your scores.

     Thanks for the time and interest today.  I hope you'll take me up on our offer.

All the best,


Chairman/Director of Innovation

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