Q & A

       We know you will have plenty of questions about who we are and what makes the EDISON FORGED wedges perform so much better than any other wedges ever made.  We offer these questions and answers for your further information, and invite you to submit any questions you might have to Info@EdisonWedges.com; we'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

Why do the EDISON FORGED wedges look so much different from other wedges?

There is a time-honored adage that says "form follows function", and there is no better illustration of that that the design of the EDISON FORGED wedges.  We set out to achieve the most consistent smash factor of any wedges ever made, as that translates to more consistent trajectory and distance -- the main measuring stick of good wedge shots.  We also wanted to dramatically improve spin, which required optimizing the gear effect of the clubhead.  Very simply, the design form followed these functions.  Only because we were willing to radically depart from the conventional look of the back of a wedge, were we able to remarkably improve these measures of wedge performance.  We've proven that with robotic testing and live golfer testing with recreational golfers, whom Edison Golf was created to serve.

Why do EDISON FORGED wedges cost more than other mainstream wedges? 

First, you're only talking $10-20 per club over the price of the mainstream mass-produced wedges from the major brands.  The easy answer is because they are that much better . . . but the fact is that we put more into our wedges than anyone else.  Our heads are precision-forged of 1025 carbon steel, which costs twice as much as the cast heads offered by most major brands.  Our finishing standards are much more stringent than most, and each head is plated with our unique “Durable Chrome” – it’s twice as thick as what others use and will make them last longer.  We use only premium shafts from KBS, rather than the heavy “wedge flex” offered by most others.  And we top each wedge with the GolfPride MCC +4 grip, which also costs more than the simple offering of most other brands.  Finally, every EDISON FORGED wedge will be custom-crafted to each golfer’s personal specifications, which costs more than assembling them by the thousands and stacking them on the retail shelves.

What if I buy Edison wedges and don't like them?

We doubt that will happen, but we back the Edison Forged wedges with a two-stage Guarantee.  First, unpack them and look them over.  If you don't want to keep them, simply pack them back up and send them back for a full refund.  But real proof is in performance, so we also offer this Performance Guarantee.  Play your new Edison Forged wedges for up to 60 days.  If you don't agree they are making a difference in your scoring range performance, simply send them back and we'll replace them with any other wedges you think you'll like better.  

How was your robotic testing data gathered?

We subjected the EDISON FORGED wedges and the market leading wedges (purchased at retail) to a battery of robotic testing, performed by the golf industry’s premier independent testing laboratory . . . with no Edison Golf personnel present at the time of testing.  All wedges were 54* of loft and impact was tested at five points around the face – center and ½” from there toward the toe, heel, high and low to simulate the impact pattern of most recreational golfers.  Ten shots were struck with identical clubhead speeds and shaft lean angles for consistency.  The data speaks for itself as to the far superior performance delivered by the revolutionary package of Edison technologies.  See the data HERE.

 What is your ‘Durable Chrome’ finish?

Chrome plating is extremely hard and necessary to protect any carbon steel clubhead from the effects of the elements.  Most chrome-plated heads on the market today have plating that is 3-4 microns thick; with your wedges, that can wear fairly quickly.  [One major brand claims that your wedges are ‘worn out’ after as few as 50-60 rounds.]  To help protect your investment against that wear, EDISON FORGED wedges feature our Durable Chrome plating that is 6-8 microns thick – double what others use.  It costs more, but is another reason why EDISON FORGED wedges are the best in golf.

How does the “Koehler Sole” work?

This sole design was first patented by Terry Koehler in 1990 and has earned a loyal following.  It combines a very high bounce on the leading portion of the sole to prevent digging in softer lies and when the club is forward pressed to any degree. But the trailing portion of the sole has what would be considered a very low bounce, so that the EDISON FORGED wedges can handle the tightest of lies.  These two angles are always working together to handle any kind of lie and any kind of swing path, so you are never handicapped by the lie you face or the swing path you make. 

The “Koehler sole” has been raved about by tens of thousands of golfers for nearly 30 years, through multiple iterations designed by Terry Koehler for different brands of golf clubs.

In the EDISON FORGED wedges, Terry has refined this design to make it even more forgiving of different turf conditions and to accommodate various swing paths more adeptly.

Why do you have progressive grooves?

Because you are asking your various lofts of wedges to do different things.  Your lower lofted wedges – 44-50 degrees – are typically used more for full swing shots, where the dynamic weight distribution in the EDISON FORGED wedges will produce all the spin you could ever want.  So in these lofts, the grooves are wider and deeper, and spaced further apart to channel away moisture and grass to help you maximize your control from the rough.  When you choose these lofts for chipping or knockdown shots, they will deliver a more controlled flight/roll relationship.

In the higher lofts, which are mostly used with lower clubhead speeds but where you want to maximize spin, the grooves are narrower and closer together to put more groove edges on the ball to deliver that spin.  And the wall angles of the grooves are designed to allow a sharper groove edge to ‘bite’ into the ball and give you optimum spin at low clubhead speeds.  These are made to conform to USGA Rules of Golf.

What lofts will be available?

In another departure from the industry "standards", EDISON FORGED wedges will be available in odd-numbered lofts only, from 45 to 63 degrees.  The reason for this is that our wedge technologies deliver lower, more penetrating launch angles than any other wedges; an EDISON FORGED 53* wedge, for example, will launch the same or lower than other 52* wedges, so you get your normal distance (or more) but have more loft around the greens to make your scoring shots stop quicker.  That said, we are happy to adjust any loft angles 1* weaker or stronger to hit even numbers, if that's what you want.

Is the shaft really that important in wedges?

Regardless of the club – driver to putter – the shaft is the “engine”.  In wedges, your shaft is asked to do a variety of things that other clubs do not have to accommodate.  At full swing speeds, the shaft must stabilize the heaviest clubheads in the bag.  But with the very next shot it may be asked to help you make a delicate little chip or pitch of only a few yards. 

At EDISON Golf, we have our own proprietary tipping procedures that optimize shaft performance for wedges, and our standard offering was selected after much testing and analysis.  We offer the KBS Tour shafts for those players who like standard weight steel, and the KBS Tour 105 or Tour 90 for those who have shifted to lighter steel shafts in their irons.  The KBS TGI 80 graphite shaft is a perfect match for those golfers who are playing graphite shafts in their irons.  All four shafts are available in both Regular and Stiff flexes, to insure what we call a “seamless transition” to your irons.

What shafts and grips do you offer?

Our standard offering of shafts in the Limited Edition sets include the KBS Tour 120, Tour 105 and Tour 90 in steel, and the KBS Tour Graphite 80.  All are available in Regular or Stiff flex.  We selected the GolfPride MCC +4 grip for its performance -- it is the #1 selling grip in the golf aftermarket.  When we begin regular production this Spring, we will be happy to build your EDISON FORGED wedges with any available shaft and grip for a reasonable upcharge.

What custom work do you offer?

We believe your wedges should be the most finely tuned clubs in your bag, as you use them more than any other.  Besides a practically unlimited offering of shafts and grips, we will provide alterations to grip size, shaft length, lie angles and lofts at no extra charge.

Where can I buy EDISON FORGED wedges?

Initially, our wedges are available directly from us on our website.  [Reserve yours now.]  In the Spring of 2020, we will begin reaching out to dedicated golf professionals to invite them into the EDISON Golf network, so that their golfers can take advantage of this exciting technology in scoring clubs.  If you would like us to reach out to your golf professional, please email his or her contact information to Info@EdisonWedges.com.

How do I get my golf professional to get set up with EDISON Golf?

Very simple.  Just have him or her contact us at Info@EdisonWedges.com and we’ll send out a set of demo wedges for the shop staff to review.  If he or she likes what they see, we can put our demo package in the shop and get your facility into our network of Authorized EDISON Scoring Centers.

When will EDISON FORGED wedges be available for purchase?

Currently we have a Limited Edition of 500 sets available to our fans and followers.  Reserve yours now.  Our regular production wedges will be available in late March or early April of 2020 for custom-building and shipping to customers.

Why don’t you offer custom stamping?

Stamping art or initials into a chrome plated clubhead breaks through the chrome and introduces the likelihood of rust or corrosion, or worse, flaking of the chrome.  At this time, we are not offering this service, but we are researching how we might do so without affecting the quality integrity of our product.