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The Proof

We're going to make you a better wedge player.  And we have the data to prove it.

        Edison Golf is in business to make you a better wedge player.  That might sound like common sense, but research reveals most golfers have apparently ‘given up” on such an expectation. 

        A recent survey of GolfWRX readers revealed that less than 1 in 5 golfers purchase new wedges with any real hope for improved performance.   Can you imagine buying a new driver and not expecting it to go longer and straighter? Or a new putter without expecting to make more putts.  Smart golfers would never do it!

       So, what’s up with wedges?

       Our Founder and Director of Innovation, Terry Koehler, has been in the wedge business for over three decades.  He has put just about every new wedge through independent robotic testing, so he’s seen firsthand how unchanged their performance has been over the years. 

       Can you honestly say that the wedge you’re playing now is measurably better than the wedge you played 10 years ago?  Testing proves it isn’t.

        Edison Forged wedges change all that . . . by completely re-designing how the mass is distributed across the back of the clubhead.  The most respected independent robotic testing lab in the business revealed that Edison Forged wedges deliver dramatically improved performance -- not just in one area, but across the board.

  1.    Lower Launch Angle: For Better Control
  2.    More Distance: So You Can Hit More Wedge Approach Shots
  3.    Increased Spin: For Faster Stopping Power
  4.    Tighter Dispersion: So Your Worst Shots End Up Much More Like Your Best

       Wouldn’t you instantly be a better wedge if your wedges did all this?

        So, how did we do what the major brands haven’t?   Read all about Edison Forged wedge technologies here.

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