Proven Performance

We're going to make you a better wedge player.  And we have the data to prove it.

      EDISON Chairman/Director of Innovation Terry Koehler has been putting mainstream wedges through independent robotic testing for well over a decade, so he knows they have always been the most unforgiving clubs in our bags.  That explains why a recent survey of GolfWRX readers revealed that less than one in five golfers purchase new wedges with any real hope for improved performance.

      The new EDISON FORGED wedges change all that.  Now you can purchase new wedges with a guaranteed expectation of improved spin, more penetrating trajectories and pinpoint distance control.  Here's what the most respected independent robotic testing lab in the business revealed:


     We achieved this remarkable performance by completely re-inventing how the mass is distributed across the back of the clubhead, and then we optimized that design concept to fine-tune trajectory, spin and forgiveness for each range of lofts.  You can read more about the EDISON FORGED technologies HERE.

    “I truly believe the EDISON FORGED wedges will join that lofty company of the Anser®, Big Bertha®, Tight Lies® and other big ideas that completely changed a category for the better.  I realize that could be considered a very brash statement . . . except that we have the data to prove they belong there.”

                                               - Terry Koehler, Chairman/Director of Innovation