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Edison Golf In The News

       We are proud of the press coverage our remarkable Edison Forged wedges have received.  We invite you to read these articles and watch these videos to help you appreciate the serious challenge the Edison Forged wedges pose to "business as usual" in the premium wedge category.


"It's great to see a product that does just what the company says it does."  -- TXG Tour Experience (Watch It Here)

"The best I've played"  - Chris Chaney, Swing U Clubhouse (Read Here)

"A wedge for the rest of us" - My Golf Spy  (Read Here)

"The Edison Forged wedges shine on mishits" - Matt Saturnus, PluggedInGolf (Read Here)

"Wow" - Mr. Short Game  (Watch It Here)

"A veteran of the industry who has been designing wedges for 30 years" - Mike Purkey, Morning Read (Read It Here)

"Revolutionizing wedges for average players" - Shane Sharp, Golfers' Guide (Read Here)

"The best new wedges on the market" - Mr. Short Game (Watch It Here)

"They look different because they are different." - Ryan Barath, GolfWRX (Read It Here)

". . . address the major design shortcomings of tour design wedges."UntilTheNextTee  (Read It Here)

". . . more efficient impact on shots hit high on the face". - Golf Daily (Read It Here)


       And if you want to really dive deep into what makes the Edison Forged wedges work so well, tune into any of these podcasts featuring Chairman/Director of Innovation, Terry Koehler.

ModGolf -- (Listen Here)

GolfYeah - (Listen Here)

PluggedInGolf - (Listen Here)

Golfers Authority, Behind The Brand - (Listen Here)

GolfSmarter #783 - (Listen Here)

GolfSmarter #750 - (Listen Here)

GolfWRX - (Listen Here)