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     This is a company formed BY recreational golfers FOR recreational golfers.  Chairman/Director of Innovation Terry Koehler's lifelong insistence on doing things differently inspired our mantra of “Bold ideas.  Better golf shots.” and we are committed to doing everything we can to help recreational golfers hit better scoring range shots more often.

     We recognize that tour professionals have all the major brands fawning all over them, so we don’t need to go there.  That's why our first products continue Terry's 30-year passion for designing wedges that don't focus on what these elite players want from their wedges but what you need from yours. (See why at EDISON Technologies) . 

      This illustration says it all.  The EDISON FORGED wedges are all about performance.  More spin than any other wedges . . . by far.  More penetrating trajectories.  The smallest dispersion pattern than any other wedges . . . by up to 31 feet!  Very simply, they are the most accurate and forgiving wedges ever made and we believe your scores will reflect that very quickly.  See our proof.

      To make your EDISON FORGED wedges truly yours, they will be supported by the most complete custom-build process in the category, and the most solid Performance Guarantee in golf -- If you don't find your Edison Forged wedges to be the best you've ever played, we'll take them back and buy you any other wedges you think you'll like better!

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     Thank you for visiting.  Please spend some time and learn all about us and our breakthrough EDISON technologies that will help you improve your scoring range performance.  We hope you will choose to join The 500 Club and be a part of this exciting story.