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Meet Edison Golf

     Edison™ Golf was formed to solve very real problems that all golfers have with their wedges.  Inconsistent distance?  Those maddening pop-up 'shorties' when you hit it just a bit high in the face?  Not nearly as much spin as you would like?  The Edison Forged wedges prove that stuff is not all your fault.

     The Edison Forged wedges aren't based on what the elite tour players want from their wedges but what you need from yours. (See why at Edison Technologies) . 

      This illustration says it all.  The Edison Forged wedges have been proven to deliver the smallest distance dispersion pattern in the category, beating the top selling 'tour design' wedges by up to 31 feet!  Very simply, they are the most accurate and forgiving wedges ever made, and we believe your scores will reflect that very quickly.

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    Edison Golf reflects the vision of two golf industry veterans.  Terry Koehler, Chairman/Director of Innovation has been the "golf contrarian" for many years, never afraid to challenge conventional wisdom where it can be questioned.  As COO, Trace MacDougall brings over 35 years experience in engineering technology and business operations to keep the ship righted always.  Together they hold to the mission to deliver the highest quality golf equipment with genuine, proven performance superiority.

     Our name -- Edison Golf -- was inspired by the relentless inventor Thomas Edison.  He was noted for his dogged pursuit of making lives better, and while we don't aspire to changing the world as he did, we do believe we can change golf games for the better.  Our mantra of "Bold ideas. Better golf shots." reflects our commitment to challenge 'conventional wisdom' where it doesn't serve you best.

     Please spend some time and learn all about us and our breakthrough EDISON technologies that will help you improve your scoring range performance.