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EDISON 2.0 Wedges

They look different to play better.

Every golf club innovation has required getting used to a different look. The "Edison Difference" is because we completely re-engineered the clubhead to make them play better than any other wedges.


Fear No Shot

The patented Koehler Sole is proven to be the most versatile sole design in the wedge category.

Any lie, any turf condition, any swing path - You always have the right bounce and grind.

Forgiving. Accurate. versatile.

Simply Better.

The Edison 2.0 Wedges were created from the ground up to be more forgiving of your mis-hits, deadly accurate on your best shots and more versatile to handle any lie your ball finds.

Simply better, because they're engineered for the way you play, not tour players.

Face Texture + Groove Geometry

Crazy spin

Progressive groove geometries give you the control you need, no matter the shot. But the real "spin secret" is in the unique Edison design that optimizes gear effect and smash factor.

Winning over golfers every day

What customers say:

Vokeys are gone... Edison wedges are the best I have found. The accuracy and feel is out of this world... The turf interaction is fantastic. I feel like I’m getting better results with all shot types, pitching, chipping, and full swings.


Simply the best! I purchased the 49 bent to 50 first. Practiced with it a couple days then played a difficult course and shot 78. All my wedge shots were perfect. I have since purchased a 53 bent to 54 & a 45. Have yet to mess up a sand shot! Lots of spin!

Willy Bridge

My Life's Work.

Designing the most versatile sole design in the wedge category.

Press reviews:

The high mass was most evident on 30- to 50-yard partial shots, with low trajectory and hop ‘n stop spin.

John Barba

This new finish is more water repellent than the original, meaning wet conditions won’t rob your shots of spin.

Matt Saternus
PluggedIn Golf

Both high and low bounce areas are built into the wedge for maximum versatility and performance across a variety of swing paths.


The Edison 2.0 wedge … expands the company’s original idea of putting more weight higher behind the face to increase distance consistency.

Mike Stachura
Golf Digest

Testing has definitely shown the flatter trajectory compared to more ‘traditional’ weighted wedges and impressive spin jumps.

James Miles
The Hackers Paradise