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Odds are your bag is filled with cavity back irons, hybrids and a big driver... clubs designed to help you improve your distance control and forgiveness. But those "tour design" wedges in your bag? Robotic testing proves they are even less forgiving than tour blade irons.

So if you’re not playing tour blade irons, does it make any sense to play tour design wedges?

Edison Forged Wedges have a higher concentration of mass to offer more consistent distance control and enhanced forgiveness than any other wedge you’ve ever played – without compromising versatility. What that means is your not-so-good shots will finish up to 31 feet closer to the pin. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

It Really Is Your Wedge’s Fault

Because Edison Forged Wedges have a higher concentration of mass, you can miss the sweet spot and still get an excellent result. Don’t get us wrong… Edison wedges are for serious golfers. But because they have 25% more mass placed at the top of the club face, they can do things other wedges can’t. 

Edison Forged Wedges spin up to 38% more than traditional wedges. They also launch 2-4 degrees lower than traditional wedges, delivering the low-trajectory, high-spin wedge shots that will help you make more birdies and pars. 

If you’re part of the 0.01% of golfers that practice every day or couldn’t adjust to more spin, more consistency, and a more penetrating trajectory, Edison wedges are not for you. But if you’re part of the 99.9% of golfers that miss the sweet spot from time to time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. 

Edison Wedges Will Improve Your Game

We’ve asked tens of thousands of golfers why they buy new wedges. Do you know what wasn’t one of the top-three answers? “To improve my wedge game.” And that’s insane. Imagine buying a new driver or a new set of irons and not wanting to get better. Golfers would never do that! 

At Edison, we make forged wedges for serious golfers that will actually improve your game. Our wedges have a higher concentration of mass than any other wedge to improve forgiveness, consistency, and spin wherever you contact the ball on the club face. Want to be 31 feet closer to the hole? You need to try Edison Forged Wedges.

The best new wedges on the market.

-- Matt Fisher, Mr. Short Game


Why Wedges Haven't Changed

Once upon a time, the best golfers in the world were worried that switching from persimmon to metal drivers was going to hurt their game. Today, we know better, but the same “tourthink” has been holding the wedge category back for decades.

The reason today’s wedges are unforgiving is that tour players grew up on traditional wedges and know how to use them to hit magical shots around the greens. Give them a different wedge, and they’ll need to go through a learning curve. They don’t want to do that, and we don’t blame them. 

But that doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t modernize our wedge games. If you’re not chasing checks with your wedge game, you’ll benefit from a more consistent wedge. Edison Forged Wedges will make every shot better without changing anything else. Our customers tell us Edison Forged wedges look and feel better than the unforgiving “tour-design” wedges that used to be in their bags.  

Bounce, Schmounce

More than 80% of golfers say they don’t take the same size divot most of the time, and that makes sense. Golfers don’t always make the same swing. They also don’t always play in the same conditions. How can you fit a wedge grind to that? 

Edison Forged Wedges use our patented Koehler Sole, which was designed to handle every shot a golfer could face. It blends a high-bounce angle (the front of the sole) with a low bounce angle (the back of the sole). 

If your swing is steep or you play in soft conditions, Edison Forged Wedges will perform like a high-bounce wedge. If your swing is shallow or you play in firmer conditions, Edison Forged Wedges will perform like a low-bounce wedge. You’ll never have to worry about playing the wrong bounce or grind ever again.



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